Celebrities Tweet Praise for Obama’s Executive Gun Control


Numerous Hollywood celebrities took to Twitter to show their support for President Obama’s announcement today that he is taking executive action to expand background checks, place more requirements on the backs of federally licensed firearms dealers, and require the Department of Justice to sponsor “smart gun” research.

For example, comedian Sarah Silverman bought Obama’s criticism of the “gun lobby” hook, line, and sinker, then tweeted: “POTUS must take executive action to carry out the will of the people bc our reps suckle the teat of the NRA. GO BARRY.”

Frozen and Pixels actor Josh Gad tweeted: “I feel like I live in a bizarro world when I hear people denying the need for background checks. WTF”

Parks and Recreation actress Rashida Jones tweeted: “See? Everyone agrees on what is reasonable.”

It is interesting to note that Jones did not explain how it is “reasonable” to claim expanding background checks will reduce high profile shootings when California and Colorado both have expanded background checks, yet America’s last three high profile shootings occurred in California (San Bernardino) and Colorado (Colorado Springs, November 27 and October 31).

Avengers actor Mark Ruffalo tweeted: “The president is taking steps to keep guns out of the wrong hands through background checks.”

Hunger Games actress Elizabeth Banks tweeted: “Thank you [President Obama] for a dash of common sense on guns.”

Banks did not explain how expanding checks is “common sense” when the vast majority of mass shooters pass background checks to acquire the guns they use to attack innocents.

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