Amy Schumer Accepts Award, Thanks Those Who Died In Theater Shooting

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Getty Images

On January 17 actress Amy Schumer accepted a Critics’ Choice award and closed her acceptance speech by thanking the two victims who were shot and killed during a showing of Trainwreck in Lafayette, Louisiana.

The deceased victims–33-year-old Jillian Johnson and 21-year-old Mayci Breaux–where killed when John Russell Houser allegedly opened fire on July 23.

At the end of her five minute, twelve second acceptance speech, Schumer said, “And I want to thank Mayci Breaux and Jillian Johnson, who died in Lafayette because a mentally ill person got their hands on a gun.”

Schumer did not mention that Houser bought his gun “legally.” According to Fox 8, the ATF found that Houser bought his .40 caliber handgun “in February 2014 at a pawnshop in Phenix City, Alabama.”

This means Obama’s executive expansion of background checks would not have stopped Houser, because Houser acquired his handgun via a background check–which is the same way Gabby Giffords’ attacker acquired his gun, and it’s the same way Virginia gunman Vester Lee Flanagan acquired his handgun as well.

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