Clinton Surrogate Lena Dunham Jokes About Going to Caucus to Sleep with People


Presidential caucuses don’t have to be stuffy, boring affairs — in fact, they can be a “cool, sexy way to meet people,” says Lena Dunham.

In a just-released clip captured by Roll Call before the Iowa caucus last month, the Girls star — in the state to stump for Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton — asked fans and supporters to contact her online to report any romantic encounters they may have had while choosing a corner for their favorite presidential candidate.

“Do people ever sleep together after a caucus? Do people give each other cash to convince them to join their corner at the caucus? The first, maybe; the second, illegal,” the actress joked.

“I’m so sad that I don’t have the opportunity be part of a caucus myself, so I’m hoping you guys will have the experience, report to me online, let me know if any romantic or just sensual connections are made,” she added.

Dunham also revealed that she hadn’t voted in an election until 2008, believing until then that her vote couldn’t possibly make a difference in a national election: “I had been unable to convince my college to have vegan chicken nuggets in the cafeteria, so how was I going to change anything about this incomprehensible governmental system?”

Dunham hit the campaign trail for Clinton ahead of primary contests in both Iowa and New Hampshire in what was generally seen as an effort by the Clinton campaign to bolster its flagging support among millennials, who have flocked en masse to her rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders. In Iowa, the 29-year-old actress donned a colorful outfit emblazoned with Clinton’s name, delivered a pair of stump speeches at local cafés and even took over Clinton’s Instagram account, posting photos and supportive messages from the trail.

Clinton ultimately eked out a razor-thin victory in Iowa before getting trounced by double digits in Sanders-friendly New Hampshire a few weeks later.

Dunham has been busy since returning from campaigning for Clinton: on Tuesday, the actress was cast as former Ronald Reagan speechwriter Peggy Noonan in a live table read of the 2015 Black List script Reagan in Los Angeles next month.

Last week, Dunham announced she would not participate in the press tour for the sixth season of her HBO show due to a recurrence of her endometriosis. However, the actress held a Q&A press conference at Hearst Tower last week that was closed to the press.