WATCH: Hillary Aide Bryan Pagliano Pleads the Fifth 125 Times in Latest Episode of ‘Clinton Emails on Film’

Screenshot/Clinton Emails on Film

Filmmaker Phelim McAleer has released the latest video in his Clinton Emails on Film series, in which an actor playing Hillary Clinton aide Bryan Pagliano pleads the fifth an astounding 125 times while delivering testimony about the Democrat presidential candidate’s use of a private email server while she was Secretary of State.

McAleer’s film series takes verbatim transcripts from Clinton aides’ testimony about her email server and uses professional actors to bring the scripts to life. The films are a way of getting around a judge’s order that the videotaped depositions remain sealed.

The first films in the series featured testimony by top Clinton aide Cheryl Mills and Ambassador Stephen Mulls. The third video in the series features the testimony of Pagliano, who repeatedly invoked the right not to incriminate himself, even, as McAleer puts it, in response to “simple and benign questions.”

“If this wasn’t so serious it would be a brilliant comedy,” McAleer said of Pagliano’s testimony.


“Our biggest problem while filming the Pagliano deposition was stopping the cast members from laughing during filming, so ridiculous was Pagliano’s constant hiding behind the fifth even for the most benign questions,” he added.

McAleer tells Breitbart News he plans to film the testimony of Clinton’s right-hand woman Huma Abedin next. Abedin delivered five hours of testimony about Clinton’s email server in which she admitted that she became “frustrated” by the Secretary of State’s private email set-up.

“It’s clear that Hillary Clinton and her senior staff thought the rules didn’t apply to them, even when national security was at stake,” McAleer tells Breitbart. “In these depositions, it’s clear they don’t think they should be answering questions. They are vague and have incredible — and frankly, unbelievable — memory loss.”

“From filming these depositions, it’s clear why Hillary wanted the tapes suppressed,” he added. “It’s great to bring the truth to people who need it.”

McAleer is crowdfunding the project through IndieGogo, as he has done successfully with previous projects like FrackNation and his controversial Ferguson stage play. Contributors to the project can get access to perks including a signed poster from the production or a visit to the Clinton Emails on Film set.


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