Lena Dunham: ‘White Americans’ Must ‘Change’ After Death of Alton Sterling

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Actress Lena Dunham blamed the Baton Rouge police-involved shooting death of Alton Sterling on “white Americans” who refuse to acknowledge that they are “part of a system of violence.”

The Girls creator took to social media Wednesday evening to write: “1. Alton Sterling was killed because we refuse to acknowledge the fact that our police forces protect selectively and harm enormously.”

Dunham followed up that post with another: “2. The job of white Americans now is to change.”

After being bombarded with responses including, “I need to change because some other white person did something bad? WTF?” Dunham jumped on Instagram to continue her rant.

“Sorry for the rage spam tonight but this reaction makes me LOL,” the 30-year-old actress said in response to the above quote.

“Just because you don’t commit violence doesn’t mean you aren’t part of a system of violence,” she continued. “If we weren’t all so obsessed with being ‘the good one’ we could really get something going #ragespam”


The facts surrounding Sterling’s death earlier this week are still becoming known.

As Breitbart News has reported, a senior source in law enforcement said that a homeless man, who claimed that Sterling brandished a gun after he began soliciting money, made the 911 phone call that ultimately led to the fatal shooting.

Dunham wasn’t the only celebrity to weigh in on Sterling’s death.

Actors Olivia Wilde, Danny Glover and Rashida Jones posted social media messages mourning Sterling, as did rappers Kanye West and Drake.


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