Sigourney Weaver at DNC: Hillary Understands ‘Moral Obligation’ of Tackling Climate Change

Alex Wong/Getty Images

Sigourney Weaver spoke in support of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton at the party’s national convention in Philadelphia on Wednesday, where she discussed her “deep concern” about climate change while introducing a warning video directed by James Cameron.

“As an American, I am also deeply concerned about my family’s future, indeed about our shared future as a nation, because that future is at risk,” the 66-year-old Alien star and environmental activist said.

“You see, when we talk about greenhouse gases, warming temperatures or deadlier droughts, even more destructive storms, what we’re really talking about is people,” Weaver added. “They’re the people you’re going to see in a few moments, people whose lives are affected by climate change right here in America, right now.”

Weaver went on to describe some people affected by climate change, including a Texas rancher who lost cattle because they could not find grass to eat, or a mom in New York who lost her daughter in Hurricane Sandy to floods made worse by rising sea levels brought on by the effects of climate change.

“Can Donald Trump look these people in the eye and tell them climate change is a hoax, and that there’s nothing we can do? That he doesn’t care about their pain?” Weaver challenged. “This is a moment when we as a nation have to decide whether we will ignore the facts and allow people to continue to suffer, or whether we will come together to do what’s right.”

Weaver concluded her brief speech by endorsing Clinton as the best possible candidate to tackle climate change issues.

“Hillary Clinton; she gets it,” the actress said. “She cares. She is committed. She understands that taking a stand against climate change — it’s not about politics. It is about our moral obligation to one another and to our children, and to the generations that will one day inherit this beautiful earth.”

It appeared Weaver had a bit more to say, but the actress was cut off by the start of Avatar director James Cameron’s pro-Clinton climate change warning video.


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