Will Ferrell Returns as George W. Bush to Rip ‘Bozo’ Donald Trump (Video)

Comedy Central

Will Ferrell reprised his role as former president George W. Bush on Comedy Central show @midnight Tuesday night to make fun of current Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump, whom he called a “bozo” and a “disgraced pumpkin.”

“This dunderhead is making me look great,” Ferrell-as-Bush said on the late-night comedy game show. “I invaded Iraq over WMDs that weren’t there. I destabilized an entire region, but no one seems to care anymore. Thanks to the bozo Trump here, folks have forgotten about how I tanked the economy or how I didn’t get bin Laden. Heck, even Kanye West said I hated hurricanes.”

Ferrell also poked fun at the 11-year-old Access Hollywood tape featuring his “cousin” Billy Bush and Trump, saying the behavior wasn’t up to Bush standards because a member of the family would “never, under any circumstances, ride a bus.”

“If Trump takes this thing, Laura and I have a very comfortable underground bunker we can move to,” Ferrell added, after deriding Trump’s claims of a rigged election. “I’m gonna be down there with Princess Kate and Nolan Ryan while society gets overrun with wild dogs and racists. My advice is don’t let that happen, America. Don’t let that sack of rotten sweet potatoes anywhere near the White House.”

The 49-year-old comedic actor previously played President Bush on Saturday Night Live and in a one-man show on Broadway in 2009, called You’re Welcome America: A Final Night with George W. Bush.

The actor was an early supporter of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’s presidential campaign before throwing his support behind eventual Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton earlier this year.

Ferrell appeared in a video for the Clinton campaign ahead of the Iowa caucus, in which he urged state residents to caucus for the candidate.

Funny or Die — the liberal comedy website founded by Ferrell and frequent collaborator Adam McKay — has repeatedly attacked Donald Trump throughout the 2016 presidential race.


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