Amy Schumer to Star in Live-Action Movie ‘Barbie’


Actress Amy Schumer is currently in negations to play the staring role in the upcoming live-action film Barbie, which is being produced by Sony Pictures.

The film is set to receive a PG rating, with principal production to began in spring 2017.

Schumer comes across as an interesting pick for the title role of Barbie, a movie geared toward young audiences. The 35-year-old star has made a name for herself in Hollywood for her sexually-charged stand up comedy, which was epitomized in her raunchy, R-rated 2015 movie Trainwreck. 

Since 2014, Schumer’s Comedy Central show, Inside Amy Schumer, has pushed the boundaries of sexual satire through politically-charge sketch comedy.

Nevertheless, as Deadline reportsBarbie boasts a “funny empowerment take that sparked the interest of Schumer and made her want to fit it into her crowded movie schedule.”

“Sony chief Tom Rothman brought the script to Schumer personally, and pitched the take to her,” Deadline reports. Schumer reportedly read the script and agreed to the role.

The film is currently without a director, is devoid a supporting cast, and doesn’t have a release date, although Sony is eyeing a summer 2018 opening.

Schumer has had a busy year. She’s racked up three appearance on animated sitcoms The Simpsons, Family Guys, and Bob’s Burgers. Schumer spent February and March filming Thank You for Your Service, a war-drama that explores the impact Post Traumatic Stress Disorder has on U.S. military service veterans. In September, her memoir, The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoobecame a bestseller.

Schumer was featured in several Bud Light ads before the beer company pulled the plug on the ad campaign, citing a slump in sales.

On August 26, Schumer kicked off a global tour that has caused controversy during some of its U.S. stops.

In October, hundreds of fans stormed out of Schumer’s standup show in Tampa, Florida, after she called Donald Trump an “orange, sexual-assaulting, fake-college-starting monster.” Schumer doubled down at a later show in New York City, and mock the fans who walked out on her at the Tampa show.

Schumer was among the long list of celebrities who vowed to leave the country if Trump won. The comedy star later claimed that her promise to move was a joke.

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