Chelsea Handler Shames ‘White Women’ Trump Supporters, Then Calls on Women to Unify

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In a politically-charged essay penned this week, comedian and talk show host Chelsea Handler blasted and shamed female voters who supported Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton in the presidential election, before encouraging women in the same essay to come together to support each other.

“We don’t just have a problem with men supporting women in this country; we have a problem with women supporting women,” Handler wrote in an essay she penned for Arianna Huffington’s new wellness company, Thrive Global. 

“One of the saddest things about November 8,” Handler says “were the women of America who somehow managed to vote for Donald Trump, specifically the 53% percent of all white female voters who chose Mr. Trump.”

“America is a free country, and we are free to differ on public policy,” she wrote, “but what kind of a woman votes for a white, entitled rich guy who has spent his entire life working the system for excess personal profit while insatiably groping strange women for personal pleasure while Hillary Clinton —  arguably the mostly qualified Presidential candidate in modern American history  —  was standing right there in her pleated pantsuit waiting to lift America up out of its 240-year ‘winning streak’ of male dominance and patriarchy?”

Echoing Lena Dunham, Handler also singled out “white women” for Clinton’s loss to Trump.

94% of black women voted for Hillary Clinton, because unlike white women, black women don’t take their rights, liberties, or justice for granted,” she wrote.

Calling America the “United States of Russia,” Handler says “the popular votes aren’t worth the ballots they’re cast on thanks to America’s infamous Electoral College.”

However, just a few paragraphs after forcefully criticizing the more than half of white female voters who pulled the lever for Trump, Handler calls on women to come together to “wake up America.”

“Ladies, we can do better than this,” she wrote. “We can eliminate the competitiveness that has been imposed upon us because we are treated as a minority and have been taught to tackle, rather than climb.”

“We can wake up America and American women to do a better job going forward; to create an activist fire under women to start treating other women and our America with more respect than we have obsequiously shown for our traditional male dominators,” she continued.

“We need to rise up and use our votes to help ourselves, and to stop hurting ourselves.”

Handler was a particularly vocal critic of Trump during the campaign. In September, she said that Trump represents “everything that’s wrong in the world.”

Read Handler’s full essay here.


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