Joyce Carol Oates: Christianity ‘Virtually Synonymous’ with White Nationalism Across U.S.


Author and prolific Tweeter Joyce Carol Oates openly pondered the state of Christianity in America in a post to her Twitter account Thursday afternoon — and believes Christianity is now indistinguishable from white nationalism in many parts of America.

Of course, many of the 78-year-old author’s 160,000 social media followers (and presumably some Christians) took umbrage at the suggestion that their faith automatically makes them a white nationalist.

Then again, Oates has a long history of issuing questionable tweets; in June of 2015, the National Book Award-winner expressed her outrage that director Steven Spielberg had posed for a photograph with what appeared to be a dead animal.

Eagle-eyed viewers, or anyone that has seen the 1993 film Jurassic Park, knew that Spielberg was posing with an animatronic dinosaur prop from the film.

In November, Oates was roundly mocked for issuing a tweet about ISIS. The author wanted to know whether there were any “celebratory or joyous” aspects of the murderous terrorist group, rather than the “puritanical and “punitive” aspects she had heard so much about.


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