LISTEN: Breitbart’s Complete 3-Part Hollywood Exposé ‘Tinseltown Travelogue’


Breitbart readers can now enjoy the complete audio narration of Patrick Courrielche’s exclusive three-part series Tinseltown Travelogue, with audio narrated by Courrielche himself.

Tinseltown Travelogue, published last week by Breitbart’s Big Hollywood, exposes the entertainment industry’s stunning hypocrisy and institutionalized bigotry towards conservatives. Courrielche explores the origins of Hollywood’s hatred of right-wingers dating back to the Communist infiltration of the industry during the “Hollywood Blacklist” days, as well as the shocking new intensity of the bigotry and blacklisting in the wake of Trump’s electoral victory.

Courrielche’s firsthand reporting, interviews with industry leaders, and expert analysis reveals an industry in a crisis of its own making. Pummeled by scandal and historic box office lows, Hollywood is now facing a brand new threat from an American public that has had enough with Tinseltown’s political bullying and moral hypocrisy. As Courrielche writes, “This is a Tinseltown intervention” to see if Hollywood can save itself before its too late.

Listen to Corrielche’s complete three-part audio narration below.

Tinseltown Travelogue, Part 1: Dear Right-wingers, We Hate You. Love, Hollywood

Tinseltown Travelogue, Part 2: Attention All Trump Voters, Immediately Exit Stage Right

Tinseltown Travelogue, Part 3: Hollywood, Meet the Deplorables

Read the complete three-part series here.


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