Nolte — #OscarSoRapey: Harassers, Enablers Prepare to Celebrate Themselves This Awards Season

In this March 2, 2014 file photo, Harvey Weinstein arrives at the Oscars in Los Angeles. Day by day, the accusations pile up, as scores of women come forward to say they were victims of Weinstein. But others with stories to tell have not. For some of these women who’ve …
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Kate Winslet creeps me out. Sorry, but she just does, and has for more than a decade. In her unyielding quest for Oscar gold, Winslet’s first stop was Little Children (2006), a wicked, self-important little movie that *yawn* attacks the suburbs and actually asks us to side with a child molester (played by Jackie Earle Haley), who is a “victim” of suburban hypocrisy.

Then there was the role that finally won Winslet that Oscar, The Reader (2008), a *cough* Weinstein Company release, where Winslet plays a sympathetic Nazi who seduces a 15-year-old boy. The sex scenes in this pretentious pail of crap are presented as erotic, as sexy. Everything about The Reader is a moral catastrophe. But Harveywood would not deny Winslet her Naked Golden Man.

Unfortunately, Winslet’s artistic depravity did not end there. In 2011, she offered her imprimatur to a known and admitted child rapist — fugitive director Roman Polanski, who admitted to drugging and raping a 13-year-old girl in 1977. By the time Winslet chose to work with him in Carnage, the world also knew that during the filming of Tess, the then-46-year-old Polanski began an affair with 15-year-old Nastassja Kinski.

There was also actress Charlotte Lewis, who, just the year before Carnage was released, publicly accused Polanski of assaulting her as a 16-year-old.

And now Winslet-the-Enabler wants a second Oscar for her role in Woody Allen’s upcoming Wonder Wheel, and the Los Angeles Times is already publishing glowing puff-pieces to aid and abet that effort.

Man alive.

This is what I mean when I say that the entire entertainment industry is just one big Harveywood, and starting this weekend, all of Harveywood’s enablers and all of Harveywood’s harassers, molesters, and rapists will kick off their five-month awards season.

And for a Harveywood so hopelessly addicted to reboots, that is what this craven award season will be treated as: a reboot, a renewal, a cleansing, a fresh start, the necessary enema to start over. Of course, this will all be another Hollywood illusion. Anyone with anything close to a moral compass understands that the only way for Harveywood to move forward is after a lengthy, in-depth Justice Department investigation.

But reality does not matter to our decadent Kate Winslet. For this is Tinseltown! Home of the Insecure Narcissist! Land of the Preening Peacock!

Therefore, renewal can only be obtained in a very specific way: Bring on the Baubles! Bring on the Trophies! Bring on the Naked Golden Man! Bring on the Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! of our glorious awards season!

Did I mention Me! Me Me! Me! Me!???

No joke, starting this weekend with the Governors Awards, this is how a rapey industry, rife with a RICO-worthy sexual abuse problem, intends to celebrate its rapey self over the next five months:

November 2017

11 – AMPAS Governors Awards
27 – Gotham Awards
28 – National Board of Review winners announced
30 – NYFCC winners announced

December 2017

9 – AWFJ EDA Awards announced
9 – European Film Awards announced
10 – British Independent Film Awards winners announced

January 2018

2 – Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala
3 – NYFCC awards dinner
5 – AFI Awards luncheon
7 – Golden Globe Awards
9 – National Board of Review gala
11 – Critics’ Choice Awards
15 – NAACP Image Awards
20 – PGA Awards
21 – SAG Awards
23 – Academy Award nominations announced
26 – ACE Eddie Awards Gala
27 – Art Directors Guild Awards

February 2018

3 – DGA Awards
3 – Annie Awards
5 – Oscar Nominees Luncheon
10 – USC Scripter Awards
11 – WGA Awards
18 – BAFTA Awards
24 – 54th Annual CAS Awards

March 2018

3 – Independent Spirit Awards
4 – 90th Annual Academy Awards

My favorite part of this Narcissism Train will be the usual-usual self-righteous talk about how awful the rest of America is. And then the truly shameless will actually acknowledge Harveywood’s cancer and say something so achingly self-righteous the caviar will curdle. Nothing will change, though, because nothing ever does in a town run on Me! Me! Me! Me! Me!

Last year, as a means to protest President Trump, there was an online campaign to #CancelTheOscars.

Oddly enough, there is no campaign this year. Apparently, the Abusers and their Renfields believe the show must go on.

Alex Marlow, editor-in-chief of Breitbart News, disagrees:

Given the pain created by the Harveywood rape culture scandal and the widespread coverup, it would be obscene for Hollywood to reward itself this year. Despite the entertainment industry’s utter lack of moral authority, the Academy Awards inevitably turns into a platform for celebrities to preach at the American people, for whom they have contempt. No amount of glitz and glamour is going to make us listen. The 2018 Oscars would be one of the most tone deaf spectacles ever to take place in America. Hollywood needs to spare itself and cancel the Oscars.

But that would require a sense of decency and shame on Harveytown’s part, the ability to soul search.

Never forget…

That it in 2009, Rapey-Hollywood launched a campaign to support admitted child rapist Roman Polanski.

Or that just a few years before that, during this very same awards season, Rapey-Hollywood rained baubles and trophies and Oscars down on admitted child rapist Roman Polanski.

Or that some of the biggest names in Rapey Hollywood have proudly worked with admitted child rapist Roman Polanski.

Yes, there be monsters in Harveywood…and a pile of innocent victims so vast and so deep it is unbearable to contemplate.

And for the next five months, these evil monsters and their wicked enablers will pretend to have experienced a renewal and a turning of the page through their annual Unholy Celebration of Self.

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