The Oscars

BDS Extremists Target Oscars Over Israel Trip to Nominees  

TEL AVIV – Predictably, advocates of the extremist, anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement are targeting the Academy Awards, demanding the removal of a ten-day first-class trip to Israel worth $55,000 provided in a swag bag for A-listers.


Black Lawmaker Calls for Oscar Boycott

The lack of black Academy Award nominees has now captured the attention of Congress; Rep. Danny Davis has become the first lawmaker to throw his support behind those boycotting this year’s ceremony.

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Who Gets Thanked Most at the Oscars? It Isn’t God…

While film’s all-stars rush to beat the cut-off music during acceptance speeches every year at the Oscars, it’s obvious and visibly frustrating for some that the academy doesn’t allocate enough time to dish out all those “thank yous.”

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