The Oscars

Gay U.S. Olympian Adam Rippon Wears Leather Harness Tux to Oscars

Adam Rippon made history, when he became one of the first two openly gay Olympians in U.S. Winter Olympics history. I cannot confirm whether the leather clad, harness tux he wore to the Oscars is a first in red carpet history, but he made headlines nonetheless.

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BDS Extremists Target Oscars Over Israel Trip to Nominees  

TEL AVIV – Predictably, advocates of the extremist, anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement are targeting the Academy Awards, demanding the removal of a ten-day first-class trip to Israel worth $55,000 provided in a swag bag for A-listers.


Black Lawmaker Calls for Oscar Boycott

The lack of black Academy Award nominees has now captured the attention of Congress; Rep. Danny Davis has become the first lawmaker to throw his support behind those boycotting this year’s ceremony.

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BET’s Cane: Congress More Diverse Than Oscar Voters ‘Disturbing’

Black Entertainment Network personality Clay Cane spoke on MSNBC Saturday about diversity in Hollywood. Cane noted that black actors used to not be “sellable” in movies. He said he wished that Hollywood would notice that black movies like Tyler Perry movies

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Five Ways Oscar Can Fix Its ‘In Memoriam’ Train Wreck

The Oscars are tacky. We expect the Oscars to be tacky. You would think, though, that the one thing the Academy would and could get right is the annual “In Memoriam” tribute to those in their profession who died the


Oscar Ratings Collapse 14%; 80 Million More Tuned In for Super Bowl

According to Deadline, the total and 18-49 demo ratings for Sunday night’s pretty dreadful Oscar telecast drooped a considerable 14% over last year, reaching the lowest total number of viewers in 7 years.  Just 34.6 million tuned in last night.


Who Gets Thanked Most at the Oscars? It Isn’t God…

While film’s all-stars rush to beat the cut-off music during acceptance speeches every year at the Oscars, it’s obvious and visibly frustrating for some that the academy doesn’t allocate enough time to dish out all those “thank yous.”

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Just Like Us: $20K Mind-Reading Gift Certificates in Oscar Gift Bags

With the Academy Awards just one week away, nominees are busy fretting about dresses, fitting tuxedoes, and finalizing acceptance speeches. On Oscar night, winners will be toasted, achievements will be lauded, and some films may even get a “bump” at