Exclusive: Dennis Prager Preps for Berkeley Speech; Releases Clip from ‘No Safe Spaces’ of Jordan Peterson Slamming U.S. Universities

No Safe Spaces Promotional Art

Nationally syndicated radio host Dennis Prager shared a clip exclusively with Breitbart News of his upcoming film, No Safe Spaces, a documentary detailing the ongoing assault on the First Amendment on college campuses across the country and how the scourge of group identity politics enables it.

Prager partnered with veteran comedian and podcaster Adam Carolla for the film, which features footage of the pair’s cross-country tour of college campuses where they explore the root causes and the fallout from decades of politically-motivated censorship at universities that have taught a generation of minds to eschew alternative opinions and despise debate.

In the exclusive clip, Canadian clinical psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson warns that the group-think and culture of political correctness consuming American universities is merely history repeating itself.

“The idea of the divine individual, that is the West. So if we subsume that under group identity, then we will perish painfully — and God only know what’ll go along with us, maybe everything,” said Peterson, who faced more than a hundred far-left activists protesting his speech last week at Queens University by barricading doors shut and smashing windows.

“It was a great honor to have Jordan Peterson in our movie. He has long warned what happens on college campuses will not stay on college campuses,” Prager told Breitbart News.

“I’m going to Berkeley next week to give a speech and to investigate for myself just how serious the threats to free speech are,” Prager said of his March 13 event, a talk by Prager, hosted by UC Berkeley College Republicans. So far, Prager’s scheduled appearance hasn’t caused a stir.

UC Berkeley, the birthplace of the 50s-era Free Speech Movement, however, has been a flashpoint of late as far-left protesters have shut down high-profile conservative speakers from Milo Yiannopoulos to Ann Coulter.

Indeed, Dennis Prager is no stranger to censorship. His Prager University, which produces short videos teaching conservative principles, has repeatedly been restricted and demonetized by Google-owned YouTube, leading to a long legal battle.

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