Jim Carrey: Scott Pruitt an ‘Environment Plundering Ass’

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Jim Carrey’s ever-unfolding Twitter exhibit of political art continues to unfold. This week, the actor took aim at EPA Chief Scott Pruitt, calling the government’s top environmental officer an “environment plundering ass.”

Carrey tweeted the piece out on Tuesday morning. The drawing shows Pruitt, with several different colored rings across his face, emblazoned with the words: “Environment plundering ass:”

Pruitt has been under fire from the left ever since being tapped to lead the EPA last December. The New York Times followed news of his nomination with a blistering article ridiculing the former Oklahoma attorney general as a “climate change denier,” bent on dismantling “President Obama’s efforts to counter climate change.”

Other publications, such as the Nation, and USA Today, have taken Pruitt to task over a trip to Morocco that was allegedly funded by a lobbyist, as well as other alleged improprieties involving pay raises and luxury travel accommodations.

As for Carrey, the posting of politically inspired drawings has become a common occurrence. The Dumb and Dumber star took a shot at President Trump showing the him driving with the Kremlin in his rear-view mirror, and another in which Trump is portrayed as the Wicked Witch of the West Wing.

And then there’s this unflattering portrayal of the relationship between Russian leader Vladimir Putin, and President Trump:

Jim Carrey has also taken shots at others in Trump’s administration, including this vile portrayal of White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders:

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