Foo Fighters Frontman Dave Grohl Apologizes to World for Trump: ‘I Am Ashamed of Our President’

Dave Grohl with Foo Fighters performs at Centennial Olympic Park on Sunday, October 4, 201
Robb D. Cohen/Invision/AP

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl said that he was “ashamed of our president” and declared the American dream “broken,” in a recent interview.

During a conversation with British GQ, Grohl said that he feels “apologetic” for Trump when he travels the world.

“I’ve probably traveled internationally more than our current president and the one thing I understand that he doesn’t is that the world isn’t as big as you think it is.

“I am ashamed of our president. I feel apologetic for [him] when I travel,” the singer said.

“The American dream was still tangible, still desirable. Today, the American dream is broken,” Grohl continued.

In Grohl’s view, the thing that bothers him the most about Trump is that he “just seems like a massive jerk.”

It shouldn’t come as a shock that the former Nirvana drummer wouldn’t be a fan of President Trump. Grohl was a passionate supporter of President Obama and called him a friend.

According to Breitbart’s Kate O’Hare, “By way of background, Grohl has been a public supporter of Obama, dedicating his song “MyHero” to the president during a performance at the 2012 Democrat Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.”

Grohl even saw Obama’s rise to the presidency as musical inspiration, seeking him out to tell his story and relate it to the story of America.

“I wanted him to talk about America as a country,” Grohl said. “Where you have the opportunity to start with nothing, like Buddy Guy, make your guitar from strings and wires in your screen porch, and then become a blues legend that’s inducted into the Kennedy Center Honors, or be a high-school dropout from Springfield, Virginia, that winds up in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, or being a kid from Hawaii that winds up becoming president.

“All of these people are really brave, driven, focused, passionate Americans. Most of them started with nothing, zilch, no training, just a dream. So I thought, ‘Well, God, who better to talk about that than my friend, President Obama?'”

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