RuPaul: ‘Drag Queens are the Marines of Reality TV’


Drag queen icon and reality television star RuPaul described drag queens as “the Marines of reality TV” in an opinion piece published by the Hollywood Reporter.

“If you really look under the hood, the people that make RuPaul’s Drag Race so fresh and compelling season after season are the 126 queens that have sashayed into the You Better Work Room. They are some of the bravest and most creative souls on TV today. And I am proud that they are my legacy,” RuPaul proclaimed. “If you think drag queens are precious flowers, think again. Drag queens are the Marines of reality TV.”

“In these deeply divided times, it’s more important than ever for the queens to tell their very American stories of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” the drag queen declared in the THR piece, adding, “Today, I have the privilege of providing an international platform where my queens can fight the patriarchy every time they bat their false eyelashes, do a campy Cher impersonation or lip sync for their mother-tucking lives.”

RuPaul previously claimed President Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan represents “the resistance to moving forward.”

“That’s what the code words ‘make America great again’ are really saying,” the VH1 star said. “Let’s go back in time to when we didn’t have to evolve and that we could just languish in our ignorance.”

In January, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi appeared on RuPaul’s television show RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars as a guest judge, while last year, RuPaul spoke at the Los Angeles anti-Trump “Resist March.”

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