Exclusive — Robert De Niro Broadway Musical Disruptor Planning ‘World’s Largest Trump 2020 Flag’

Courtesy of Dion

The man behind Saturday night’s disruption at the Robert De Niro-directed Broadway production of A Bronx Tale has revealed exclusively to Breitbart News that he’s planning the “world’s largest Trump 2020 flag.”

The New York man, named Dion, grabbed headlines over the weekend after flying a Trump flag during the curtain call of an evening performance of A Bronx Tale at the Longacre Theatre on Broadway waving a giant flag with the slogan “TRUMP 2020” and Trump’s 2020 campaign slogan, “Keep America Great.”

In an interview with Breitbart News, Dion revealed that his protest was a spur of the moment decision.

“We won tickets in the lottery and would have never paid full price,” he said. “The inspiration was just good timing. And I never go anywhere without my Trump flags, had them in my backpack.”

“Nobody said a word, was dead silence,” Dion said of the moment his pro-Trump flag went up in the packed auditorium. “And I wasn’t escorted out, the house manager asked me to leave and I complied. There was a cop waiting at the top, but he just sent me on my way. I stood there for a full minute or more.”

The man, from the Upper West Side, added that he remains undeterred by New York’s mostly anti-Trump residents and is currently planning to erect the “world’s largest Trump 2020 flag.”

“I get lots of resistance, but all words no actions. NY’ers only act tough online, they are easily man-handled in person,” he explained. “I’m [currently] working on the worlds largest Trump 2020 flag. Trying to get it ready for July 4. But either way, it will be seen and heard by all. 

“But to be clear, I never, ever do anything illegal,” Dion continued. “You are allowed to hold up signs at the final bow; people do it all the time for family members in the shows.”

To be sure, Saturday night’s fracas wasn’t his first foray into political trolling and pro-Trump demonstrations. In August 2017, the middle-aged former Marine was photographed rowing in the Hudson River with a similar flag hoisted in the air.

“Sometimes you hear ‘I hope you get hit by a boat! I hope you drown!” he told CNN at the time. “From the top of their lungs as loud as they can. I get it all the time.”

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