Late-Night Hosts Rip Sarah Sanders: Be Grateful Chefs Didn’t Ejaculate in Your Food

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While President Donald Trump was roasting late-night hosts in front of a packed political rally in South Carolina, several of those same network and cable funnymen took swipes at White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. They celebrated the rural Virginia restaurant that organized a staff-led resistance to serving Sanders, her family, and friends — one host noting Sanders should be grateful she didn’t get served semen.

Seth Myers

Leading the way was NBC late-night host Seth Myers, who said, “White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked to leave a restaurant in Virginia on Friday because she worked for the Trump administration. Which is weird, because usually people who work for the Trump administration are asked to leave the Trump administration.

“I’m not saying I want everyone who works for Trump to be kicked out every time they go to a restaurant,” Myers added. “I just want them to worry that they will be for the entire meal. Because that is just a taste of the unease and dread so many people feel every day because of Trump’s policies.”

Stephen Colbert

The CBS host wasted no time to take aim at Sander over the Trump administration’s immigration policies, telling his audience. “Hucka-Sands went out for dinner with her husband and some friends. The staff recognized her and called the owner, who gathered everyone in the back and allowed employees to vote on whether to boot Huckabee Sanders out of the restaurant. Oh good, so, someone’s getting due process.”

President Trump took to Twitter on Monday and trashed the Red Hen Restaurant, calling it “dirty”  and “filthy.”

Jimmy Fallon

Taking a swipe at Huckabee Sanders, the Tonight Show host said she was kicked out of the Red Hen after refusing to tell her server what appetizer she wanted.

Responding to President Trump trashing the restaurant, Fallon said, “the President is writing Yelp reviews!”

Trevor Noah

Over on Comedy Central, host Trevor Noah offered, “A Virginia restaurant tossed Sarah Huckabee Sanders out and refused her service. I know you guys are cheering, but I’m sorry, I think that was the wrong thing to do. I think what the restaurant should have done is treated her the same way she treats the press. Yeah, they should have just brought her an empty plate and then when she goes, ‘Where is my food?’ you go, ‘Oh, it’s right there.’”

Noah later joked that Sarah Sanders being heckled and refused service was probably the “nicest thing” that could’ve happened — the alternative being that the chefs could’ve (“jizzed”) ejaculated in her food.

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