‘Don’t Trust Good-lookin’ Liberals’: Jane Fonda Rips Justin Trudeau over Oil Pipeline Decision

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Actress and political activist Jane Fonda slammed Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau over his decision to allow the transportation of Alberta crude oil to foreign markets.

Promoting her forthcoming documentary Jane Fonda in Five Acts, scheduled to air September 24 on HBO Canada, Fonda expressed dismay in an interview with Maclean’s over the Trudeau government nationalizing the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline to send crude oil abroad.

“I am so disappointed with your prime minister. Don’t trust good-lookin’ liberals. I don’t believe a word he says anymore,” Fonda fumed. “He became the hero at the Paris climate summit and then he’s letting the Alberta tar sands pump across and down to Vancouver. Owh!”

In 2017, Fonda jetted to Fort McMurray, Alberta to protest Trudeau for approving two pipeline projects, accusing the Canadian prime minister of betraying his “heroic stance” in support of the 2015 Paris climate agreement. “When I heard that your prime minister, the shining hope at the … Paris climate talks, who talked so beautifully about needing to meet the requirements of the climate treaty, and respect and hold to the treaties with the Indigenous people, and so forth — such a heroic stance he took there,” Fonda, flanked by First Nations leaders, said at a press conference held at the University of Alberta. “And yet he has betrayed every one of the things that he committed to in Paris.”
Fonda made headlines in July for criticizing President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court Justice pick Judge Brett Kavanaugh, who she claimed would be “catastrophe” for both women and worker’s rights. “I think it will be a catastrophe, frankly, if this nomination goes through, for everyone and our children and unfortunately our grandchildren,” Fonda said at a press conference organized by Unstoppable Women Workers. “Look, women’s rights, worker’s rights, will be shunted to the side and that’s just the beginning. It will be a catastrophe.”

Jane Fonda, nicknamed ‘”Hanoi Jane” for branding Vietnam veterans “war criminals,” urged the Democrat Party to fight to regain a majority in Congress to save the United States from its “existential crisis.”


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