‘Death of a Salesman’: Jim Carrey Painting Hangs Trump from the American Flag


Actor Jim Carrey has taken up his art tools again, this time to thrill over the legal drama gripping former  Trump associates and to post a drawing of President Donald Trump being hanged with a U.S. flag.

The garish drawing shows Trump dangling from a flagpole over a bustling cityscape, trussed in a straightjacket, and tied by his ankles to the pole with an American flag.

“Manafort, GUILTY! Cohen, GUILTY! Flynn, Guilty! Gates, Guilty!” Carrey crowed on the tweet. “What’s happening to All the Best People? ‘Ladies and Gentlemen! Children of all ages! Can the Great Spewdini spew enough lies to escape the straight-jacket of his un-Presidented criminality?'”

The Mask star is referencing the recent guilty verdict against President Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort and the guilty plea made by his former personal lawyer Michael Cohen, few of which have anything directly to do with Trump himself.

Carrey has spent much of the last year plying his art as a means to attack Donald Trump, Republicans, and conservatives, usually with violent, blood-soaked imagery, filled with murders and hate.

For instance, in June the Dumb and Dumber star posted a drawing of Trump eating the flesh of immigrant children, and that same month he posted a drawing of the president crucifying Jesus Christ with a caption saying, “Jesus was a loser.” The next month he posted an image that hinted of killing off all of Congress.

Jim Carrey has had a string of box office failures and dwindling movie offers, but he is returning to TV in the Showtime series Kidding, a story of a troubled kiddy show host whose personal life is a wreck.

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