Samuel L. Jackson Rips Trump’s Wall: ‘Cough Up The Money Yourself, You Cheap Motherf**ker’

US actor Samuel L Jackson poses on arrival for the European premiere of Glass in central London on January 9, 2019. (Photo by Tolga AKMEN / AFP) (Photo credit should read TOLGA AKMEN/AFP/Getty Images)

Actor Samuel L. Jackson once again went after President Trump during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Monday, mocking the border wall and calling the president a “cheap motherf*cker.”

“Wall, wall, wall, wall, wall, wall! Is that all, all, all you can say?” Samuel L. Jackson said during a mock poetry slam.

Jackson continued, “I don’t care if it’s concrete, steel, or papier-mâché. Guess what, Donald? Mexico ain’t going to pay.”

“No way, Jose! So cut it out, ’cause we ain’t no suckers. Cough up the money yourself, you cheap motherf*cker,” he said just as Jimmy Fallon cut him off, causing the audience to break out into raucous applause.

The Django Unchained actor also rhymed, “Longest shutdown in history. The record is beat, What a feat. People hitting the street, while the elite compete. Resources deplete, If only they could shut down the President’s tweets.”

Indeed, many of Hollywood’s top talents show no regard for border security in America. In reaction to President Trump’s Oval Office address on border security last week, many stars attacked the president in unhinged terms.

“Trump was grooming hard tonight. Hitler-Ian rhetoric. Wake up. Fight back or sit down Democrats,” Rose McGowan panicked.

Bette Midler accused Trump of holding “an entire nation hostage so that they will pay attention to him.”

Samuel L. Jackson has used his star power to promote left-wing causes before. In October 2018, the 70-year-old appeared in ads for Swing Left, a group partially funded by George Soros that endorsed Democrats in the midterm elections.

The Star Wars actor also attacked Brett Kavanaugh during his Senate hearing in 2018, calling him a “lying fratboy.”


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