Country Star Wynonna Judd Working with Trump White House on Criminal Justice Reform

Country star Wynonna Judd attended the White House National Day of Prayer service Thursday where President Donald Trump gave remarks (Credit: Michelle Moons/Breitbart News)
BNN/Michelle Moons

Country Star Wynonna Judd made an appearance during the National Day of Prayer service at the White House Thursday where she had meetings this week.

“I just, I’m an artist and music does not discriminate,” she told reporters after President Donald Trump’s Rose Garden prayer event with faith leaders. Judd went on, “I think my job is to just show up and to support and I’ve known President Trump for 35 years, and it’s just about love and music for me today.”

Judd confirmed that she had a couple of meetings while at the White House, but declined to elaborate “because it would be inappropriate for the people I met with.” 

“I’m gonna tell you something when the time comes, oh you’ll know,” she said, “cuz I’m loud and proud.”

Judd said she’s been at the White House many times since first visiting in 1983 and that she’s been there through six presidents. “Honestly, I am a servant. I’m in the Lord’s army,” she said.

Asked if she had private time to talk with the president on the visit, she said no, but that she’ll be back, “You’ll be seeing me and I’ll talk more.”

“This is the beginning of a new chapter for me,” she said before introducing her husband Cactus Moser who stood with her. She talked about their band and traveling around the globe with a message of hope. She spoke of her husband’s prosthetic leg and their charity which gives away prosthetics.

She jokes about a moment during the Rose Garden ceremony, saying she thinks she got herself a gig there for next year’s event.

Judd said she’s working with “Brooke” and will be back. Politico reported she was talking about Brooke Rollins, a White House staff member and that they met Wednesday to discuss criminal justice reform. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that Rollins has been a “key figure” in White House efforts on criminal justice reform.

“I’m excited about what’s coming. I just can’t say,” Judd told the reporters in the Rose Garden Thursday.

She also talked about one of their “callings” with 

Judd said that she was there at the White House not as much as an artist, but as a humanitarian. “I’m really using this time to speak out for the unloved, the people who feel forgotten, so that’s why I’m here,” she said.

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