David Spade Not Interested in ‘Piling On’ Trump On New Comedy Central Show

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - MAY 30: David Spade attends the Comedy Central, Paramount Network and TV Land summer press day at The London Hotel on May 30, 2019 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Comedy Central, Paramount Network and TV Land)
Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Comedy Central, Paramount Network and TV Land

Comedian and actor David Spade is distancing himself from his late-night TV counterparts and vowing to refrain from cracking jokes about President Donald Trump on his new Comedy Central show Lights Out with David Spade, set to premiere July 29.

The Saturday Night Live alum does not want to introduce another comedy show revolving around cheap shots at President Trump. Political “shock value” is overused, and his late-night counterparts, he suggested, already have that covered.

“We are trying to do the coldest thing. We want to do stuff that no one wants to see,” Spade said at the Comedy Central, Paramount Network and TV Land Press Day, according to the Daily Mail.

While concerns over ratings exist, David Spade does not see the point in creating yet another comedy show for the sake of covering ground that has already been covered.

“At this point it would be just piling on,” he explained.

He also suggested that Trump is too easy of a target.

“It gets to be where after a few years Trump turned into an easier target, because at the beginning it is like ”Can you believe this guy?'” he said. “And now it is like, ‘yeah we can.’ It is sort of what it is day to day.”

Despite the risk, Spade plans to play it old school, relying on non-political humor.

“I just thought when we talked to Comedy Central that it was sort of like what could we do with me and my sense of humor,” the Tommy Boy star said. “And maybe it is time for a non-political fun show again making fun whatever else is going on. Gender reveals drive me crazy, anything going on in music and acting.”

Spade added that there are “so many funny things” in the world to make fun of outside of politics.

“Get some comedians in and do that again instead of getting so heated about the country,” Spade said, adding, “The country is going to work or not work without me involved. So I will stay away and let all the other celebrities handle fixing that.”


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