Cops: ‘Wedding Crashers’ Inspired Woman to Poison Fiancé with Eye Drops

31-year-old Jaymee Cruz is accused of contaminating a drink she expected to be consumed by the 34-year-old victim. Investigators believe she used eye drops after being inspired by a scene in the comedy film “Wedding Crashers.”
Rowan County Sheriff's Office

A North Carolina woman inspired by the movie Wedding Crashers tried to poison her fiancé by sneaking eye drops into his drink, police said.

Jaymee Cruz, 31, was arrested on felony counts of distributing noxious or deleterious food after she told police officers that she watched a scene from Wedding Crashers the night before the incident, WBTV reported.

In the scene, the character played by Vince Vaughn egged on Owen Wilson’s character to use Visine eye drops to poison the drink of rival Bradley Cooper’s character.

WFLA reported that Cruz allegedly told officers she wanted to spike her husband-to-be’s soda so she could leave him and take their six-month-old daughter away from the home without him interfering.

Her 34-year-old fiancé, however, caught on to her plan, asked her what she had been doing, and escaped to a locked bedroom to call 911.

“She said she wanted to talk to me, we’re talking … She says, ‘Does your stomach hurt?’ I said, ‘No, my stomach’s not bad, it’s been hurting a little bit,’” he told dispatchers. “Well, she comes walking back into my room. When I walk in there, she’s pouring stuff into my drink.”

When he asked what his partner was doing, she replied, “Oh, I’m trying to give you diarrhea.”

“She said I was trying to make you get diarrhea so I could incapacitate you. I want her out of my place,” the man said. “That’s not sane behavior.”

Cruz’s bond was set at $2,500 and she is awaiting her next court date.


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