Democrats Disappoint Hollywood During First Debate

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Hollywood was largely disappointed during the first Democratic presidential debate on Wednesday night, with reaction spanning from pillory to praise to panic.

“I already heard six candidates tonight that can see themselves out, permanently,” actress Amber Tamblyn fumed, sounding unenthused with over half of the Democratic candidates on the debate stage.

“Not a promising start,” said HBO late-night host Bill Maher, who pointed out how most of the candidates dodged the first question and failed to answer how they could justify pushing sweeping economic policy while a large majority of America (and 60 percent of Democrats) say they are doing well in President Trump’s economy.

“Nobody came close to answering the first question, a good one: With 70% saying they like the economy, shld we make radical changes to it? Only interchangable chunks from the stump speeches. You’re going to have to answer that at some point, guess not tonite,” the Real Time host said.

Actor Don Cheadle seemed completely put off by the debate halfway through the first hour. “why don’t we just have running color commentary from the booth and a scoreboard and throw instant replay in there too to make it all complete …?” the Avengers: End game star suggested.

Actor Michael Ian Black said, “I’ll start watching the debates when we’ve whittled it down to the top 100 candidates.”

Actor Billy Eichner was apparently disappointed by all 10 Democrats on the stage Wednesday night, and declared that he’s “voting for Hillary.”

As the Democratic White House hopefuls began attacking each other, Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane pleaded for peace, saying “Candidates – please stop yelling. We’re all on the same side.”

Beyond boring Hollywood Democrats, the debate was rife with embarrassing moments from a major technical debacle to half the candidates answering questions in Spanish to a format the largely saw the Democrats shouting over each other and the NBC News moderators.

Nevertheless, below is all the latest Hollywood reaction to tonight’s debate.

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