Rob Reiner: Trump Personally Invited Putin to ‘Attack Our Democracy’ Again

HOLLYWOOD - OCTOBER 03: Actor Rob Reiner arrives at AFI's 40th Anniversary celebration presented by Target held at Arclight Cinemas on October 3, 2007 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for AFI)
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for AFI

Left-wing Hollywood filmmaker Rob Reiner is accusing President Donald Trump of “personally” inviting Russian president Vladimir Putin to interfere in the 2020 presidential election, suggesting it was an act of treason.

“In 2016, on national TV, Trump asked Russia to attack our Democracy,” Reiner wrote on Twitter Friday morning. “Today, on worldwide TV he personally gave Putin the ok to do it again. If I’m not mistaken, Treason is listed in our Constitution as a high crime. WTF!”

Earlier Friday, President Trump joked with Putin about Russian meddling in U.S. election as the pair of world leaders met at the G-20 summit in Osaka, Japan.

The quip was prompted by a reporter who asked President Trump if he planned to warn Russia against involving itself in the next election.

“Yes, of course, I will,” Trump responded as he turned and pointed to the Russian delegation. “Don’t meddle in the election, President. Don’t meddle in the election.”

Putin did not reply to the question.

Their meeting was the first since special counsel Robert Mueller completed his investigation into now-debunked collusion between the 2016 Trump campaign and Russia.

Democrats on Capitol Hill, including Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), criticized President Trump’s quip, echoing remarks made by Reiner.
“President @realDonaldTrump is joking with Putin about interfering in our elections, but the joke is on us and Putin’s the only one laughing President Trump is basically giving Putin a green light to interfere in 2020,” Schumer tweeted.

Reiner’s latest tirade isn’t the first time he has accused Russia of attacking the U.S.

In July 2017, the All in the Family star claimed Russia “invaded” the U.S. following a meeting between President Trump and Putin at the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany.

“Russia has invaded US & continues to try to undermine our democracy,” he said at the time. “DT (Donald Trump) refuses to protect us. Don’t let a weak ignorant liar sell us out.”

Reiner, one of Hollywood’s most outspoken Trump critics, has repeatedly called for the president’s impeachment, citing the Mueller report’s findings and business activities prior to assuming office.

The director has previously called the president the “enemy of the people” and a “sick delusional criminal fuck.” In April, Reiner endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential run, predicting the frontrunner will “restore our souls and standing as leader of the free world.”


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