Brad Pitt Attends Kanye West’s ‘Sunday Service’ in Watts, California

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Actor Brad Pitt attended the latest “Sunday Service” hosted by rapper and fashion icon Kanye West in Watts, California.

Variety described West’s Sunday Service, which began in January:

Another Sunday has passed which means another installment of Kanye West’s weekly church service. Launched at the top of the year, it’s become the most prestigious, highly-coveted invitation among the greater music community in Los Angeles — an event that only the select and handpicked worshipers get to experience.

So what’s the service like? Think: next level and beyond. West has the ability to transform a choir into a moving live orchestra, leaving outsiders to muse about the mysterious prayer circle from afar.

An Instagram user shared a photo of Pitt and West at this week’s Sunday Service:



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The Grammy-winner’s TV star wife Kim Kardashian West shared video of the event on Twitter:


TMZ reported on Pitt’s attendance at this week’s Sunday Service:

Brad was among the large group of worshipers who surrounded Kanye and his choir Sunday in the parking lot of a church. We’re told it was a spur-of-the-moment deal, and Brad’s presence was a surprise to almost everyone who showed up.

Brad Pitt was also spotted by TMZ spending time with the Wests in July in Beverly Hills, CA.

Last week West held his Sunday Service in Dayton, Ohio, to honor the victims of the mass shooting that took place on August 4. The shooting left nine dead and more than two dozen wounded.

Kanye West’s forthcoming album is titled, “Jesus Is King.”

In July, West credited Jesus Christ — specifically ““being in service to Christ, the radical obedience” — with his recovery following his admission to a Los Angeles hospital for more than a week with “symptoms of sleep deprivation and temporary psychosis,” according to an interview with Forbes.

“God does have a way of lining things up,” he added.

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