Stephen Colbert Mocks Joe Biden’s Debate Performance: Aging VP Doesn’t ‘Have a Lot of Time Left’

Late-night talk show host Stephen Colbert fired off some jokes about former Vice-President Joe Biden’s age, during his special live show after the Democrat debate.

“Now, the frontrunner, Joe Biden, was feeling the urgency of the national moment,” Colbert joked, pointing to Biden’s clip saying he “refused to postpone one more minute.”

“…Because I clearly don’t have a lot of time left,” Colbert continued, as the crowd laughed.

In response, Colbert blew a kiss to the camera as he continued talking about the debate.

Colbert also noted that Biden kept mentioning Barack Obama and set up a drinking game for every time he did so.

“For those playing at home, time to take a drink,” he said, clutching a glass of scotch. “It really helps you pretend Obama’s still president.”

Colbert also ridiculed Biden for describing his rival Bernie Sanders as “president” and his comment about poor families leaving their record players on at night for their kids.

He also joked that Biden’s gaffe about “nobody should be in jail for a non-violent crime” would lead Trump to support the former vice president in 2020.

However, the host acknowledged that former HUD chief Julián Castro upset some Democrat voters by playing the “old man card” against Joe Biden.

“Don’t worry, Julián, it’s not like old people vote,” he joked.

Colbert was not the only celebrity who found humor in the debate. Several Hollywood stars watching the event took to social media and responded with mockery and scorn.


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