Corey Feldman Promises to Name Sex Abusers in Self-Financed Documentary Set for March

ALBANY, NY - MARCH 14: Actor Corey Feldman speaks in support of the Child Victims Act on M
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Former teen actor Corey Feldman is promising to name the sex abusers who allegedly preyed upon him and the late Corey Haim in a self-financed and distributed documentary that Feldman has announced will stream online.

Feldman recently announced on Twitter that My Truth: The Rape of 2 Coreys will stream online for one time only on March 9, with tickets costing $20. While some have questioned his motives for making the documentary, Feldman maintains that he wants to hold accountable the men whom he alleges abused him and Haim at the peak of their fame during the 80s.

The star of Stand By Me and The Goonies said he also wants to expose what he claims is a conspiracy to silence him and protect the perpetrators.

The actor said he wants to shine a light on the larger topic of child sexual abuse in the entertainment industry. “The biggest problem in Hollywood is pedophilia,” he told The Guardian in an interview this month.

Feldman, 48, has long alleged that he and Haim were sexually abused as teen stars. But his claims have often been dismissed by the mainstream media, which have cited Feldman’s eccentric personal behavior and credibility issues.

Among Feldman’s most lurid claims is that his friend Haim was raped “by a major Hollywood figure” while working on the 1986 movie Lucas. Haim died in 2010, virtually broke and long exiled from the industry that once treated him as royalty. “He made me promise before he died that I would get the truth out,” Feldman told The Guardian.

The actor told the newspaper that Hollywood celebrities pay lip service to the #MeToo movement while looking the other way when it comes to pedophilia. When Haim died in 2010, his name was conspicuously absent from the In Memoriam sections of the Academy Awards and the Screen Actors Awards.

“They go to the SAG [Screen Actors Guild] awards and they get all dressed in black and they honor Patricia Arquette. But why was I not invited?” he asked.

The Los Angeles Police Department opened a case in 2017 based on Feldman’s accusations. But the LAPD abruptly dropped the case later that year, saying that statute of limitations had expired.

The following year, Feldman claimed he was stabbed in what he said was an “attempted homicide” related to his accusations. But police officials said that the actor didn’t sustain any injuries.

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