HBO, David Simon Series Equates ‘America First’ with Jew Hatred


A new HBO limited series, The Plot Against America, from producer David Simon is taking aiming at President Donald Trump and his supporters by not-so-subtly equating “America first” with Jew hatred. The project marks the latest anti-Trump provocation from uber-producer Simon, who has repeatedly insulted the president on social media and has even wished death to a Trump supporter.

The Plot Against America, based on the 2004 Philip Roth novel, imagines an alternative history of the United States where aviator Charles Lindbergh won the presidential election of 1940. The HBO adaptation stars John Turturro, Winona Ryder, and Zoe Kazan.

While the series doesn’t debut until March, the first trailer features scenes in which characters talk about Lindbergh’s presidency in ways that sound like contemporary liberal talking points about the Trump administration.

“There’s a lot of hate out there. And he knows how to tap into it,” says one character.

In another scene, a character exclaims, “This is my country!” “Not any more,” replies another. “It is the Jew Haters. It is the America First-ers. It’s their country.”

Roth’s novel imagines a Lindbergh presidency in which the America First Party becomes the dominant political force in the country, ushering in a tide of anti-semitism.

The Trump administration has no ties to the real-life party, which was renamed in the late 1940’s and eventually died out. President Trump has repeatedly denounced anti-semitism and all forms of racism. Trump’s administration made good on his campaign promise to move the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Another teaser

Simon, who produced HBO’s The Wire, has called President Trump a “racist moron” and a “racist fraud” on social media. Last year, he asked God to wipe out President Trump’s club at Mar-a-Lago with Hurricane Dorian.

Simon was suspended from Twitter in 2018 when he wished death upon a Trump supporter. “You should die of a slow moving venereal rash that settles in your lying throat,” the producer tweeted, after which he was locked out of his account.

He also wished death upon Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey after being suspended.

The Plot Against America is set to premiere March 16 on HBO.

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