Actor Dave Bautista Dubs Trump a ‘Wannabe Dictator’ with ‘Brain Dead Moron’ Supporters

Actor Dave Bautista poses for photographers at the announcement for the new Bond film, the
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Hollywood actor and former WWE professional wrestler Dave Bautista attacked President Donald Trump and his millions of supporters, calling them “brain dead morons” who are backing a “wannabe dictator.”

The Guardians of the Galaxy star fired off an angry tweet late Monday following the president’s contentious White House briefing during which the commander in chief sparred with various reporters over his response to the coronavirus pandemic.

“He literally can’t give one honest intelligent answer. Insults is all he’s got. He’s such a delusional wannabe dictator!” Dave Bautista wrote, adding the hashtag #FakePresident.

Bautista was responding to a clip of CBS News White House correspondent Paula Reid repeatedly haranguing the president after he played a video showing how the mainstream media consistently downplayed the gravity of the Chinese coronavirus.

“You know you’re a fake, you know that?” President Trump told Reid in response to her incessant attempts to talk over him.

“Your whole network, they way you cover it, is fake. And not all of you. But the people are wise to you. That’s why you have a lower approval rating than you’ve ever had before times probably three.”

Last month, Bautista insulted Trump supporters by calling them “brain dead morons” who continue to support the president “without a logical thought in their minds of why they actually support him.” He also compared President Trump to the high school bully Biff from the movie Back to the Future.


Bautista has become one of Hollywood’s most vocal anti-Trump personalities, firing off tweets in which he has called the president “a disgrace to everything this country is” and a “misogynist asshole.”

But the wrestling champion defended his Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn after Disney fired the filmmaker when old social media posts resurfaced showing Gunn making graphic jokes about pedophilia and rape. Disney eventually re-hired Gunn to direct the third installment of the popular Marvel franchise.

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