Rob Reiner Says Trump ‘Will Lose in a Landslide Because Americans Will be Voting for Their Lives’

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Left-wing Hollywood director and actor Rob Reiner is predicting that President Donald Trump will lose his reelection this November because “Americans will literally be voting for their lives.”

While Reiner’s remarks are an apparent reaction to the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, the director did not clarify how exactly he arrived at his prediction.

“Trump will lose in a landslide because Americans will literally be voting for their lives,” tweeted the Misery director on Saturday.

Saturday’s tweet is not Reiner’s only prediction about the president.

In January, The Jerk actor suggested that National Security Advisor John Bolton could be of major value for Democrats during the president’s impeachment trial if he’d just “stop fucking around” and tell the public what he knows about him.

“Getting sick and tired of this crap,” Reiner proclaimed. “John Bolton, be a Patriot. Go straight to the public and tell US what you know. STOP FUCKING AROUND!”

While Reiner disseminates his doomsday predictions on social media, Democrat governors — such as California governor Gavin Newsom and New York governor Andrew Cuomo — have praised the president with regards to his handling of the coronavirus epidemic.

Last month, Gov. Newsom stated that “every single thing” President Trump and his administration has said, “they followed through on,” adding that his private conversation with the president was “everything that I could have hoped for.”

Meanwhile, Gov. Cuomo echoed Newsom’s sentiments, praising the president’s response efforts to the Wuhan coronavirus crisis in New York, adding that the president’s team has been “on it,” and that he was doing the “right thing.” Last week, Cuomo sppke favorably of the president once again, stating, “He has been responsive to New York — he has done it quickly and he has done it efficiently.”

Gov. Cuomo is not the only New York democrat to have praised the president for his response to the Chinese virus.

New York City mayor Bill de Blasio has also thanked President Trump for his help with the pandemic. “We may have differences in peacetime, but to the maximum extend possible, we all have to be as one in wartime — so I do want to thank President Trump,” he said.

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