Celebs Turn Sights on First Lady: Melania Trump Is a ‘Pretty Sexy Lying A**hole Complicit Pig’

Alex Wong/Getty Images/Getty Images/Getty Images for Allen Media Group
Alex Wong/Getty Images/Getty Images/Getty Images for Allen Media Group

First Lady Melania Trump’s appearance during the Republican National Convention on Tuesday brought out the worst in Hollywood celebrities who used her speech as an opportunity to crack jokes and insult everything from her White House initiatives, including #BeBest, to her status as an immigrant.

Stars including Bette Midler, Sarah Silverman, Bradley Whitford, Michael Rapaport, and Josh Charles participated in the social media pile on as they attempted to assert their superiority over the First Lady and prove just how clever they can be.

Bette Midler snarked “#beBust” while also mocking Melania Trump’s command of the English language. “Get that illegal alien off the stage!”

Comedian Sarah Silverman called the First Lady a “pretty sexy lying asshole complicit pig.”

Actor Adam Scott also dissed the speech, comparing the First Lady to Michelle Obama.

Actor Jeffrey Wright snarked about the First Lady’s recent overhaul of the Rose Garden.

Actor Michael Rapaport yelled at his TV that the First Lady a “fucking loser” who “ruined” the Rose Garden.

The West Wing actor Bradley Whitford joked that the First Lady appeared to be in a “hostage situation.”

Actor Adam Goldberg dissed the entire speech, calling it a “COVID party” in the Rose Garden.

Actress Kristen Johnson called the speech “puke-alicious.”

Actor Josh Charles tweeted: “You be best be fucking kidding me. Well at least no one can say Melania copped this speech. No sir, she owns this gem all by herself.”

Comedian Wanda Sykes joked that the First Lady didn’t say “China virus,” unlike the president.

Musician Ben Lee took a crack at the First Lady’s outfit, implying that it looked fascistic.


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