Alyssa Milano Conspiracy Theory: Trump Won’t Accept Results if Mail-In Ballots Push Biden Ahead After Election Night

Actress Alyssa Milano participates in the BUILD Speaker Series to discuss the new Netflix original series "Insatiable" at AOL Studios on Tuesday, Aug. 7, 2018, in New York. (Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)
Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

Far-left actress Alyssa Milano has floated an election conspiracy theory where President Donald Trump plans to “incite violence, suppressing the vote in the blue states,” and then claim victory despite Joe Biden being the rightful winner, thanks to mail-in ballots.

Sharing her conspiracy with her 2.9 million Instagram followers, Milano said she had “worked this election out in my head with all the twists and turns of a Hollywood movie plot.” In her scenario, Trump would create the illusion that he is the winner by declaring the election before all the mail-in ballots have been counted:

In my head this is what happens: Trump sends Proud Boys into blue states to incite violence—suppressing the vote in the blue states. Trump convinces his supporters that the pandemic isn’t an issue and they don’t wear masks anyway so why wouldn’t they be totally fine voting in person on Election Day. They do, in fact, show up on Election Day because Trump told them it’s safe. That night it looks like Trump won. He falsely claims he won. But all of the mail-in ballots haven’t been counted yet. In the time it takes to count them, Trump spends every moment discrediting the election. Biden wins and Trump refuses to accept the results.

However, the Instatiable star admitted that it could be just her “imagination running wild,” but warned people to vote early via mail-in ballots:

Of course, I hope none of this is true. I hope it’s just my imagination running wild. But mark my words, this is not going to be easy. Our democracy is at stake. I wish I was being hyperbolic. I’m not. If your state has early voting, vote early. Get those mail-in ballots in early. Talk to your friends and family members. Make sure they know all the important info and have a voting plan. Stay safe. Wear a mask. Vote for Joe and Kamala to save America.

Milano is better known nowadays for her political activities than her acting career, being a fervent supporter of Joe Biden who has led attempts to play down sexual assault allegations against him. Milano is now vigorously promoting voting by mail, despite widespread evidence that it can increase the likelihood of election fraud.

“Donald Trump made it clear from the beginning of his presidency that he’s willing to undermine US election results and make it harder for people to vote,” she wrote in a CNN op-ed last month. “Vote-by-mail is safe, time-tested, and secure — and doesn’t benefit one party or another, no matter what Trump says.”

Just this week, a Democrat operative told to the New York Post‘s Jon Levine the details of how a massive voter fraud campaign helped rig elections for Democrats by “paying homeless voters off, taking advantage of the elderly, posing as registered voters, and printing up fake ballots.”

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