Rob Schneider Slams Silicon Valley Censorship, Corporate Media in Anti-Leftist Tweetstorm

LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 11: Actor Rob Schneider arrives at the 2012 People's Choice Awar
Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Actor-comedian Rob Schneider called out three of the left’s most powerful institutions — Silicon Valley, the mainstream corporate media, and universities — in a series of frank tweets posted this week as part of what appeared to be an impromptu Q&A session with his fans.

Though he has never publicly declared himself a conservative, Schneider continued to fuel speculation that he leans right by replying to a fan who dared him to “come out as a conservative.” “I am classical 1970’s Liberal,” the actor answered. “Which today makes me a true conservative.”

He added in a later tweet that democracy is currently suffering from “illiberal liberalism in the guise of liberalism.”

On the subject of Silicon Valley, Schneider blamed Congress for continuing to shield Big Tech giants from legal liability for what users say on their platforms.  The provision has come under scrutiny from President Trump and conservatives, who argue that social media giants should be stripped of such protection because they are acting as publishers by censoring certain content and running selective fact checks.

“Until congress takes away Big Tech’s liabilities from being sued, they have no incentives to mitigate their behavior,” he tweeted.

Schneider also blasted the corporate media. “Our journalists are being held hostage by there [sic] only being 6 companies that own 90% + of all media,” he tweeted.

The comedian also slammed college campuses for imposing restrictions on free speech, referencing Kirsten Powers’ book The Silencing: How the Left is Killing Free Speech. “The demonizing of those with differing views has now worked its way to every walk of life. If it takes over the courts like on campus, we are doomed,” Schneider wrote.

Schneider tweeted that American democracy was designed to be tested. But he wrote that the two-party system needs to be “improved as soon as possible.”

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