Sean Penn Offers to Retest Trump to Verify His COVID-19 Diagnosis Is Legit

US actor Sean Penn, founder and president of J/P Haitian Relief Organisation, leaves after

Actor Sean Penn has suggested that President Donald Trump’s recent hospitalization with the coronavirus could be a “sympathy ploy,” and offered to send a medical professional to independently re-test the president to “verify” his positive diagnosis.

Last Friday, Trump was admitted to Walter Reed hospital in Washington D.C. “out of an abundance of caution” after both he and the First Lady tested positive for the infectious disease. However, Penn was left unconvinced, offering to send a staffer from his global response organization CORE, that is currently carrying out mass coronavirus testing.

“As there are skeptics, on behalf of @CoreResponse , I have reached out to @WhiteHouse to offer a CORE staffer from our D.C. ops to independently re-test the president & verify his COVID-19 status as legit & not a political sympathy ploy,” the Academy Award winner wrote.

Penn also suggested that despite his weight and age, Trump has a better chance of survival because of the first-class healthcare he is receiving.

“Like so many other vulnerable Americans, the president is obese and on the older side,” he wrote. “The fact that he has access to immediate & proper healthcare & that therapeutics have evolved w/ the deaths of 200k citizens gives him a far better chance than they had.”

Penn did refrain from wishing harm upon the president, if not a floating a wild conspiracy theory. Still, a poll taken last Friday found that 40 percent of Democratic Party supporters described themselves as “happy” Trump had contracted the virus.

“We don’t want the man to die,” Penn explained. “We want him to stand down. To golf & go away. We need an actual leader, not a ‘Dear Leader.'”

Despite initial concerns about his health, most reports indicate that Trump’s condition is improving and he is likely to recover. On Sunday, the Walter Reed medical team confirmed that the president could be released as early as Monday. “If he continues to look and feel as well as he does today, our hope is that we can plan for discharge as early as tomorrow,” said Dr. Brian Garibaldi, adding that he would continue receiving care at the White House.

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