Billy Crystal Teams with Rob Reiner and Never-Trumper Bill Kristol for Pro-Biden Ad

YouTube/Jewish Dems
YouTube/Jewish Dems

Actor Billy Crystal and Never-Trump political analyst Bill Kristol teamed up to back Joe Biden’s White House bid in a 30-second ad directed by Rob Reiner and produced in conjunction with the Jewish Democratic Council of America.

“What are you doing here?” Crystal and Kristol ask each other after being introduced to a faux news segment in the ad.

“They introduced me, they said Billy Crystal,” said Crystal, to which Kristol reacted by stating, “I think they said Bill Kristol.”

“No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, they said Billy Crystal. Billy. I distinctly heard the ‘Y,'” retorted Crystal.

“I’m pretty sure they said Bill, and I don’t use the ‘Y,'” Kristol argued.

“How come?” Crystal asked.

“Because I’m not five,” quipped Kristol.

The cringeworthy exchange went on between the two men, who teased each other about the different way they spell their names, among other topics.

“Now, listen, I don’t want to fight with you,” Crystal finally said. “I’m here tonight to talk about why I am voting for Joe Biden.”

“That’s why I’m here,” Kristol chimed in.

“This is a shock, I’m thrilled, because we never agree on anything,” Crystal claimed.

“Yeah, that’s for sure,” responded Kristol.

“I’m a Democrat,” noted Crystal.

“I’m a Republican, and a conservative,” said Kristol.

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The two leftists eventually mutually agree that while they “never agree on anything,” they both agree that “we need a president who has a good plan to deal with COVID,” and “somebody who’s going to protect Medicare and social security.”

The two ended the ad by stating unanimously, “Vote Biden.”

On Wednesday evening during the vice presidential debate between senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) and Vice President Mike Pence, the vice president noted that Biden’s proposed plan for battling the coronavirus “looks a little bit like plagiarism.”

The vice president is correct, as the plan for addressing the coronavirus on Biden’s campaign website includes much of what the Trump administration has already put in place. A point Vice President Pence made to Kamala Harris on the debate stage on Wednesday night.

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