Biden Campaign Recruits Battle Rappers to Target Black Voters


Joe Biden’s presidential campaign released a political ad featuring New York battle rappers Charlie Clips and DNA. In the four-minute clip meant to appeal to black voters, DNA raps at Charlie Clips in an attempt to get him to vote for the Democrat presidential ticket in the upcoming election.

“Yo, why you ain’t been answering your phone? You know why I’m calling you. You have to vote,” said DNA at the beginning of the ad as he arrives at a basketball court to find Charlie Clips in person after the rapper ignored his calls.

“You know why I don’t vote? Because as a black man, I just feel like there’s no hope,” rapped Charlie Clips in response.

Charlie Clips continued:

Our president telling people to go back to China, taking the coronavirus as a joke, and that’s the part that frightens me. When you choose a president, it’s supposed to be a knockout. That’s why this situation doesn’t enticen[sic] me. If you got the answers to get me out of this dark path, my brother, enlighten me.

“We always telling each other to stay woke, that’s why this time we gotta use our voice and you have to vote,” replied DNA. “The facts is shown, Biden has a plan for African Americans. We not dealing with your average Joe.”

Watch Below:

“I see the way you looking right now, you know exactly where I’m gonna go with this,” continued DNA. “For four years we had Trump in office, and we made the most of it, but we finally got somebody that could be in office that could give us a chance to have home ownership.”

“So, Harris and Biden is gonna help with black ownership, huh? Okay, maybe it’s true, but what about the black colleges and all the funding for the HBCUs?” asked Charlie Clips, perhaps a nod to the fact that President Donald Trump has increased funding for HBCUs. Moreover, the president has received the “Bipartisan Justice Award” from “the 20/20 Bipartisan Justice Center, a group founded by twenty black Republicans and twenty black Democrats in 2015.”

While appearing to still be on the fence about whether or not he should vote for Biden, Charlie Clips goes on to ask DNA why he should “confide in Biden” when black people are getting “snatched out they vehicles just for riding.”

“We don’t even ask for much, all we do is ask for respect,” rapped Charlie Clips. “Before they did what they did to George Floyd, this country had they foot on our neck. Now do you understand why I’m upset?”

“I feel you, because every time we throw the system an uppercut, all they give us in return is low blows, but Biden and Harris got a plan to outlaw the chokehold,” replied DNA, attempting to convince Charlie Clips to vote for Biden — who first took office as a senator in 1973 — and his vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris, a former prosecutor from California.

“You know, before you actually called my phone, I honestly had no hope. But if Biden and Harris gonna do exactly what you said, then I’ma go vote,” concluded Charlie Clips in the ad.

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