Actor Kumail Nanjiani: Trump ‘Going to Kill as Many People as He Possibly Can on His Way Out’

Kumail Nanjiani in HBO's Sillicon Valley.

Comedian-actor and Democratic activist Kumail Nanjiani is claiming that President Donald Trump is “going to kill as many people as he possibly can on his way out,” ignoring the progress the White House has made in finding a vaccine for the Chinese coronavirus.

The star of HBO’s Silicon Valley tweeted the accusation in response to a Politico report in which Dr. Anthony Fauci suggested that the president’s continued electoral fight could harm the country’s coronavirus response. “Transitions are very important,” Fauci reportedly said, adding that it is critical to ensure a smooth “passing of the baton without stopping running.”

Kumail Nanjiani tweeted: “He’s going to kill as many people as he possibly can on his way out.”

Kumail Nanjiani has previously blamed President Trump for the coutry’s COVID-19 deaths, claiming without evidence that “people are dying because he won’t face reality.” In reality, the Trump administration implemented Operation Warp Speed, which created a public-private partnership to fast-track a coronavirus vaccine.

Among the vaccines in the works is one from Moderna that recently tested nearly 95 percent effective in trials. Another from Pfizer has shown more than 90 percent effectiveness.

Nanjiani is helping lead efforts to flip both of Georgia’s Senate seats blue by backing Democratic challengers Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock in the runoff elections set for January 5. The Hollywood star is a co-founder of Win Both Seats, an organization that is raising money for black and Latino community organizers in Georgia who are working to mobilize the minority vote for Democrats.

During the presidential election, Nanjiani was a vocal supporter of Joe Biden, attending fundraisers and whipping up enthusiasm on social media.

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