Twitter Mob Demands Disney ‘Cancel’ Actress Gina Carano for Mocking Democrats

Gina Carano
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Star Wars: The Mandalorian star Gina Carano mocked the Democratic Party on Twitter this weekend, unleashing furious calls for Disney to fire the former MMA fighter.

Carano posted a meme showing two men placing face masks over their eyes, with the caption: “BREAKING NEWS: Democratic government leaders now recommends [sic] we all wear blindfolds along with masks so we can’t see what’s really going on.”

Not long after, #FireGinaCarano began trending on Twitter in the United States and thousands registered their disapproval with the outspoken star, often copying the Twitter handle of the Disney Plus streaming service in their remarks in an effort to incite punitive actions against Carano.

“My eyes are wide open, watching trump supporters rioting and stabbing people in the streets of DC tonight without any interference from the police,” wrote one misinformed follower. “Take this meme to parler where it belongs.”

“@disneyplus do you back this? If so, my sub is cancelled,” wrote another.

“Hope you enjoyed your first and last episode on The Mandalorian as there will be a petition spearheaded to have you fired and replaced,” another wrote. “Which can be done easily, I might add.”

No stranger to scandal, Carano has provoked the ire of the woke mob before and has survived to tell the tale.

The Fast & Furious star retweeted a message on November 7 saying that the recent election was “irredeemably compromised” and insisting that the media has “no business calling an election that is currently being litigated on this many levels with this many discrepancies.”

Carano also triggered the LGBT lobby by declaring her preferred pronouns as “boop/bop/beep.”

Despite all the hate that has come her way, others have praised the Deadpool actress for her courage in thinking for herself instead of walking in lockstep with the Hollywood left.

“I love your confidence and bravery,” one admirer stated. “That being said I fear for your career. This isn’t really a free country anymore. And it’s only gonna get worse.”


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