HBO’s John Oliver Blasts Biden for Delay in Raising Cap on Refugee Admissions: ‘Pick Up a F**king Pen’


HBO’s Last Week Tonight host John Oliver hammered President Joe Biden for failing to live up to his promises to raise the number refugee brought into the U.S., saying “for a guy who clearly wanted to be the person who restored the soul of America,” it is now time for him to “pick up a fucking pen.”

“In early February, Biden announced that he’d raise the ceiling on admissions to over 62,000, eliminate Trump’s restrictions, and raise the cap even higher next year, which sounds great,” said Oliver during Sunday’s episode of Last Week Tonight. “Unfortunately, he still hasn’t signed the presidential determination that would revise Trump’s rules. Until Biden signs that determination, they are still beholden to Trump’s low admissions ceiling and bullshit racist rules.”

The Washington Post reported Joe Biden is “on track to accept fewer refugees” than President Donald Trump did.

John Oliver lamented that “in March alone, more than 700 refugees who were scheduled to arrive here had their flights canceled.”

“And remember, these are vulnerable people who may have surrendered their belongings or homes in anticipation of leaving the country or who are having to wait in camps,” he said.

Last month, leaked photos of Biden administration detention cells for migrant children on the border revealed the deplorable, overcrowded conditions of migrant children being held in South Texas.

“He just needs to sign a piece of paper,” Oliver affirmed. “And for a guy who clearly wanted to be the person who ‘restored the soul of America,’ it is past time for him to look deep into his own, pick up a fucking pen, and do the right thing.”

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