Rose McGowan: I ‘Respect’ Republicans Because Unlike Democrats, They Know What They Believe In and What They’re Against

Actress and activist Rose McGowan said Monday on Fox News Channel’s Fox News Primetime that she “leave[s] the Republicans alone,” because, unlike Democrats, she has “respect” for how Republicans are honesty and knowledgable about their political beliefs.

“I leave the Republicans alone more, because I do respect people more that are, like, ‘This is what we are. This is what we’re about. This is what we’re against,'” Rose McGowan said.

“Whereas, I find — the Democrats are really pretty much almost against all the same things,” the former Charmed star continued. “They’re against changing the world for the better, and they’re for keeping a system in place that is for so few people and benefits so few.”

“But [Democrats] masqueraded as the helpers: ‘If we would do this, the world would be perfect. If only those Republicans would get out of the way.’ Well, okay, you’ve got control, so now what? What are you going to do to make the world better?” the actress added.

McGowan — who called out Kamala Harris for accepting donations from Harvey Weinstein when she was attorney general of California and was one of the first women to accuse Harvey Weinstein of rape — also said “my persecution and awakening from being a Democrat was so much about what I do,” and, “so much about realizing how hardcore of a cult it is, and how much it does to women and the people it says it’s going to help.”

“Then why haven’t they achieved anything?” the actress asked of Democrats.

McGowan also said having grown up in a cult herself, she knows the warning signs of being in one, and believes that Democrats are currently “in a deep cult.”

This was not McGowan’s first time referring to Democrats as “cult” members, as the actress has made the reference on multiple occasions.

Earlier this year, she slammed the House of Representative’s impeachment of President Donald Trump, calling it “cult propaganda” for the left, and an effort at “mass distraction.”

Last year, McGowan called the Democrats and the media a “cult,” adding, “this is deeper than a cover-up,” in what was likely a reference to a majority of the elite press and Democrat lawmakers who ignored or rebuked sexual assault allegations made by former Senate staffer Tara Reade against then-presidential candidate Joe Biden.

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