Nolte: The Environmental War Against Live Concerts Has Begun

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - NOVEMBER 27: Dua Lipa performs during the 33rd Annual ARIA Awards 2019
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To paraphrase Charles Dickens, Global Warming is a hoax, “this must be distinctly understood, or nothing wonderful can come of the story I am going to relate.”

How would you like to live in a world without live concerts? Before you answer, please take a moment to really think about that, to think about all the memories you’ve created over the course of your life attending concerts. Not just the music itself, but the friends and family you were with, the joy of the anticipation that begins the moment you purchase a ticket, the experience of being part of a large crowd with which you share a passion… Think about that… And then read this [emphasis added]:

[V]irtual events driven by the star power of Dua Lipa or Nick Cave, or the well-received Grammys broadcast, have set a precedent that should not be discarded. The environmental impact of audiences travelling to shows adds to the carbon emissions of the production itself, and so a well-produced “global livestream” in place of a leg of a tour is one possibility.

[A] recent report on the dance music industry, argued that tours could be routed more efficiently, local scenes and artists could be better nurtured to reduce the pull of foreign superstars, and exclusivity clauses (where artists can’t play more than one show locally) could be challenged.

Relentless touring – driven by low income from streams and physical format sales – is precarious and environmentally unsustainable, so music is taking seriously the idea of green jobs and a “just transition” (a term coined by the global trade union movement to prioritise workers’ rights and reduce inequalities).

All this hand-wringing — over a hoax — is coming about just as touring is about to explode now that that the coronavirus pandemic appears to be coming to an end. These fascist greenies have fallen in love with how the government’s terrible, anti-science lockdowns decreased carbon emissions and now they want to seize this opportunity by guilting DJs and bands and their fans into staying home … forever.

The terms used here, Orwellian nonsense like “virtual events” and “global livestream” are nothing more or less than the act of having you sit at home and watch a computer monitor. These lunatics actually believe, and want us to believe, that’s a suitable and acceptable alternative to attending a live concert…

This is just more proof that these tyrants have zero respect for and concerns about the human spirit. People gathering for a shared experience is something as old as mankind itself. There’s something in our DNA, in our soul that calls us to be around other people, to congregate, to meet and huddle over something we have in common. Not just concerts but through worship and work and family and neighbors.

This thinking is anti-human in the extreme, which is fine with the left, who will to preserve the natural way of life of every species on earth, from rodents to bobcats; the only exception being the human species. We must be restricted and dealt with punitively into altering our natural way of life.

My days of attending concerts are over. Had my fill, but there isn’t a single one I regret attending and when I look through my ticket stubs, each one triggers its own specific memory. That time my buddies and I did this… That time my mom and dad took me to… The thrill of seeing Frank Sinatra, Elvis, Tina Turner, Springsteen, Petty, Aerosmith, Roy Orbison, Fats Domino, Santana and countless others, all these legends live and in person.

Don’t even get me started on the memories I have with my wife, especially early in our relationship, even before we started officially dating.

“Anti-fun” sums up the left. Think about it… We can’t tell jokes anymore. We can’t produce movies and television that don’t include lectures anymore. We can’t watch sports without being told we’re racist anymore. Tobacco is evil. Ogling beautiful women is “rape.” Flirting proves you’re a “predator.” Homework is required before family events to prepare for a confrontation with Uncle Racist. Your house and cars are too big. Your success is unearned white privilege. Outdoor barbecuing kills the planet. Meat is murder.

If the left had its way, we would all be locked down eating rice cakes in front of computer monitors being lectured to about “equity” and “sustainability” by the pompous celibates currently in charge of media, tech, entertainment, and government-run schools

And all of it based on a hoax.


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