James Woods Rips Cuomo Saying He’ll Treat Gun Violence Like He Did COVID: ‘Check on Your Grandparents. There’s a Killer on the Loose’

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 27: "Once Upon A Time In America" cast member James Wo
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“Check on your grandparents, there’s a killer on the loose,” tweeted actor James Woods, in reaction to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) announcing that he will combat “gun violence” in the same way he attempted to take on the Chinese coronavirus.

Governor Cuomo recently announced that he wants to treat gun violence “like a public health issue,” adding, “we want to do with gun violence what we just did with COVID.”

“Check on your grandparents, there’s a killer on the loose,” Woods reacted, referring to how Cuomo’s administration handled the state’s nursing homes during the Wuhan virus pandemic.

A directive Cuomo made last March forced nursing homes to accept coronavirus-positive patients in order to free up hospital beds.

A report from New York’s attorney general says that nursing home deaths could have been under-reported by as much as 50 percent, amounting to thousands of deaths.

Then, an aide to Cuomo, Melissa DeRosa, reportedly told Democrats in a closed-door meeting that the state had under-reported the deaths because it did not want to hand a political victory to President Donald Trump over the issue.

Woods was not the only one to slam the New York governor over his claim that he will take on gun violence in the same manner he took on the coronavirus.

“Kill more people, lie about the death toll and then write book about it?” tweeted Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean, whose husband lost both of his parents — who were living in long-term care facilities — to the coronavirus last March and April.

“This is bad news for guns over 75 years old,” another Twitter user commented, reacting to Cuomo’s announcement.

“This quote had entirely the opposite effect of its intent which is what happens when you are drunk on your own power and act with impunity despite your complete incompetence and malfeasance,” another pointed out.

“Take the guns that are positive for Covid and stick them all in a senior living home?! Bold strategy, there, Andy…” another Twitter user asked of Cuomo’s plan.

“Granny better get a bullet proof vest!” another exclaimed.

“This is like OJ saying ‘I just want to treat my next wife like my last one,'” another wrote.

“Oh my god, he really is trying to take out the entire senior community in NYC,” one Twitter user said.

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