Courtney Cox Facebook Show Features Transgender Man’s Failed Attempt to Breastfeed ‘Non-Binary’ Infant

Facebook Watch

In her Facebook Watch series following “pregnancy journeys,” Friends star Courtney Cox recently featured a transgender couple in which the male of the pair added implants to “breastfeed” their infant.

The series, entitled Nine Months with Courtney Cox, follows the lives of different couples as they document their “surprising” and “heartfelt” pregnancies. In a recent episode released late May, and is going viral of late, Cox features a transgender couple in which the “husband” is pregnant and the “wife” has undergone implant surgery so he can try to breastfeed their infant.

To set the stage, the “father” of the couple is a biological female named Ahanu, while the “wife” is a biological male named Petrona. The episode follows their lives as Ahanu gives birth. Meanwhile, after the child is born, the biological male claiming to be a transgender woman attempts to breastfeed but finds little success.

“The baby has been able to latch, but I’ve not been able to produce any milk,” Petrona says in the episode. “Being able to even be a part of a process where I’m trying to create milk and my body, it makes me feel very excited. I’m this baby’s mother, so by doing this it’s helping me feel really connected to the pregnancy,” Petrona adds while confirming that he is taking medication to induce lactation.

The Facebook Watch episode description says Ahanu and Petrona “struggle with family members over the decision to not gender their child.”

In the episode, Cox describes the couple as attempting to “overcome trans discrimination.” And in a Twitter thread from January, Petrona complained that Washington D.C., where they live, is working against them. “We are legally not able to be considered our child’s Parent & Mother because we are Transgender,” Petrona says, adding, “DC Code does not believe our family is legal.”

The same episode features a gay man and lesbian woman who get together for the purpose of having a baby.

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