Hollywood Writer Don Winslow Promotes COVID-19 Vax After Telling People Not to Get ‘Trump’s Rushed Vaccine’

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Hollywood writer and left-wing influencer Don Winslow has created a new video to promote COVID-19 vaccinations less than a year after he warned people against taking what he called President Donald Trump’s “rushed ‘vaccine.'”

In the video, which was posted Monday, narrator Jeff Daniels urged Americans to “unite” against the coronavirus in the same way the country came together after September 11.

“On 9/11 politics didn’t matter. We weren’t two parties. We were one country,” the video said. “It’s time to go to war against COVID as one country. Ignore the misinformation. Get vaccinated. Save lives, starting with your own.”

Watch below:

Winslow was promoting a much different message when Trump was still in office, claiming that anyone who gets “Trump’s rushed ‘vaccine'” is an “idiot.”

“If you take Donald Trump’s rushed ‘vaccine’ you’re an idiot,” he tweeted in October. Winslow appears to have deleted the tweet, but screenshots of the post are circulating online.

Winslow has acknowledged the screenshots by claiming he was only referring to the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. His original tweet made no reference to Johnson & Johnson or any brand of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Don Winslow is one of Hollywood’s most prominent political influencers via the viral videos he produces. As Breitbart News reported, he created a video in January calling upon Americans to become cyber detectives to monitor and report Trump supporters to authorities.

He teamed up with rocker Bruce Springsteen in October for a video pushing The Atlantic‘s discredited report that then-President Trump called American servicemen “losers” and “suckers.”

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