Demi Lovato: I had ‘Beautiful and Incredible’ Encounter with Aliens at Joshua Tree National Park

Biden Inaugural Committee via AP/Getty Images
Biden Inaugural Committee via AP/Getty Images

Gun control-pushing, “Impeach Trump” pop star Demi Lovato says she had a “beautiful and incredible” encounter with aliens at Joshua Tree National Park.

“We went out into the desert in Joshua Tree and I basically saw this blue orb that was about 50 feet away, maybe less, and it was kind of like floating above the ground, just like 10 or 15 feet, and it was kind of keeping its distance from me,” Lovato told E! News on Monday. “It was a beautiful and incredible experience.”

Lovato added that she even convinced former “non-believer” actor Matthew Scott Montgomery and sister, Dallas Lovato, that there is extraterrestrial life out there.

“It definitely changed the way that you see the world,” Lovato added of the alleged encounter. “You have an inkling and then all of a sudden that inkling is confirmed. It changes your reality, for sure.”

Montgomery added, “I would say I’m definitely a lot less of a skeptic than I was before.” Meanwhile, Dallas Lovato claimed that the key to learning about UFOs is “being open and ready to accept it.”

Earlier this year, the pop start declared herself a “pansexual” — referring to when someone is romantically attracted to anyone, regardless of whether they are a man, a woman, a man who identifies as a woman, or a woman who identifies as a man.

In May, Lovato announced that she is “non-binary” and uses “they” and “them” pronouns. But a few months later, the singer admitted that even she forgets which pronouns she has decided to use, proclaiming, “I accidentally misgender myself sometimes.”

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