Nolte: Golden Globes Returns to Television on Woke Probation


After being blacklisted by the Woke Gestapo last year over sins NBC and Hollywood had been well aware of for decades, the Golden Globes will return in January of 2023 on NBC.

The Globes are, however, on Woke Probation:

NBC declined comment on terms of the deal, including whether the show’s $60 million license fee had been cut. But it’s clear a renegotiation had taken place, as NBC’s new deal with the Globes is just a one-year agreement, “which allows the HFPA and DCP to explore new opportunities for domestic and global distribution across a variety of platforms in the future,” according to the press release announcing the return. [emphasis added]

Why would the HFPA (the Hollywood Foreign Press Association that sponsors the Globes) want to “look around” if NBC is gifting them $60 million yearly to air their stupid award show? Obviously, the idea here is to bring back the show and see if it can survive the Woke Terror while proving its woke fealty.

After all, the HFPA has already attempted to prove its fealty with an affirmative action hiring spree unlike anything we’ve ever seen:

The HFPA recently announced that it had added 103 new voters to its membership, which previously had dipped to around 80. The group added voters based outside of the U.S. for the first time; the HFPA said the Globes voting body voting pool “is now 52% female, 51.5% racially and ethnically diverse, with 19.5% Latinx, 12% Asian, 10% Black and 10% Middle Eastern.”

Wow. Good job. From no black members at all — which everyone at NBC and Hollywood had known about for years and said nothing —to the cast of Rent. So the only question is whether or not the HFPA will continue to be good little woke dogs. Unfortunately, if that’s what the HFPA chooses, what had been one of the looser, more carefree, and least pretentious award shows will have to give all that up for three hours of sanctimony,  lectures, shaming, and yelling at Middle America.

If I were the HFPA, I would go down for good in a hot ball of flaming defiance by bringing back Ricky Gervais to host. Hiring Gervais two years in a row probably had more than a little to do with why the Globes were targeted for destruction. The Woke Stasi wanted the Globes to pay for hiring one of the few entertainers in the world who can’t be blacklisted and takes full advantage of that fact. No one would have said a word if the Globes had put on a boring old award show like the Oscars, Emmys, Grammys, etc. Had the Globes proved its loyalty by hiring a good dog like Amy Schumer or Judd Apatow, that $60 million would be a sure thing from here to the end of time…

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