Nolte: Aretha Franklin Hit ‘Natural Woman’ Decried by Fake Transgender Activists

Rhythm and Blues singer Aretha Franklin performs at the inaugural gala for U.S. President
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Correction: Following the publication of this piece, the Trans Cultural Mindfulness Alliance group claimed their original post criticizing Aretha Franklin’s “Natural Woman” as anti-transgender was “satirical.”

The Trans Cultural Mindfulness Alliance’s Twitter bio has been updated to say “PARODY/SATIRE.” Our story has been updated accordingly.

The story continues below.

Members of the transsexual movement want Aretha Franklin’s 1968 hit “Natural Woman” banned.

Standing for Women Founder Kellie-Jay Keen told Australia’s Sky News it’s “really hard” to ignore the “misogyny” of the trans-rights movement when Aretha’s classic song is attacked as offensive to trans-women.

This might surprise some of you but I actually see where the trans-women (fake or not) are coming from here.

If I were a man pretending to be a woman, I would also find the term “natural woman” offensive.

Imagine you’re one of these mentally-damaged crossdressers, okay? You’re standing there with a full beard in a skirt and high heels. Who wants to hear the Queen of Soul sing about being made to feel like a “natural woman” woman when you’re hiking up that skirt while leaning against a urinal?

All I’m saying is, can we show a little empathy here?

The brave Kellie-Jay Keen didn’t stop her criticism of the fascist trans movement there…

“I don’t think many women really know how much we’re hated – I hate to say it … I don’t have a victim mentality, but it’s really hard to ignore the misogyny of this particular movement,” she said, adding: “It means a man who says he’s frightened to go in a man’s toilet – his words are more credible than a woman who says she doesn’t want that man in her space.”

That is very well put.

This isn’t over nothing.

The New York Post reports that an organization called The Trans Cultural Mindfulness Alliance is also calling for Apple Music and Spotify to remove the song:

Aretha Franklin’s 1968 song ‘Natural Woman’ perpetuates multiple harmful anti-trans stereotypes,” the organization tweeted. “There is no such thing as a ‘natural’ woman.”

The message continued, “The song has helped inspire acts of harm against transgender women. TCMA is requesting it is removed from Spotify & Apple Music.”

“Inspire acts of harm against transgender women?” Did someone hear the song “Natural Woman” and pick up a gun? I think I would have heard about that.

The Trans Cultural Mindfulness Alliance previously insisted it is not a satire site and that its mission is to “make culture more fair for transgender individuals.”

Sheesh, who can tell anymore?

These freaks have us all living in a Monty Python sketch. This one, specifically…

“I’m not oppressing you, Stan. You have no womb.”

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